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Company Introduction Our Seoul Langs Watch Co., Ltd. was established at Seoul, South Korea in 1983, However the Seoul Langs Watch's history begins from the year of 1965 at Busan area, and the president of the Seoul Langs Watch Co., Ltd, Mr. B. Y. Jang's parents started the watch business as a wholesaler at that time, and Mr. B. Y. Jang succeeded to the watch business, since he has been loving everything of the watches such as touching, repairing, designing, studying, new modeling, researching, developing, etc., whatever we can name it with the matters of watches and he says that the most of his life after his juvenile has been tieing up with the watches and the watches give me the will of challenge..... And, Our Seoul Langs Watch Co., Ltd. became now one of the best well known and best quality manufacturers in South Korea and its export target for this year of 2000 to abroad markets is USD. 10 million. We, Seoul Langs started to export the Rolex Style gold-watches at first to Japan under the OEM condition in 1987 and after this exportation to Japan, we started to expand the foreign markets actively. And, we also have the producing capability of 300,000 pieces of watches per month. Our perfect water proof skill is one of our best techniques and the most keen quality-control points. Our Seoul Langs has its own office building at Seoul and Busan, and its producing factory at Seoul and 32 employees among 53 employees have been working for Seoul Langs for more than 10 years and the most of them are the experts skillful. So, there are no competitors with Seoul Langs's technical power. On top of that, Seoul Langs especially has very strong technical know-how of making the exactly Rolex-like style of the Gold Watch (Seoul Langs has a big pride of the skill and they think they are No. 1 in the world regarding the technique) The very famous Seoul Langs's own brands are as follows : Langs, Christian Polo, Golden Rock, Zaima, Eve, Good, Rodeo, Galleria, Piyatt. Our Products, Marketing and Sales As we mentioned above regarding manufacturing the watches, we have really number 1. technique and the facility in Korea. Besides, we have a very special and super excellent technique of making the Gold Watch, perfectly same ROLEX-like style and the replica swiss watch brands-like styles at very competitive prices with the top 1st qualities in world-wide level. And, this is one of our strong marketing and sales idea for you dear buyers' new very profitable business challenge and opportunity. Also, we have many of our own brands hitting the market such as LANGS, CHRISTIAN POLO, RODEO, PIYATT, EVE, ZAIMA, GOLDTIME, GOLDEN ROCK, and our professionalized design, composition and contents matters of the products, we can provide you with the fully satisfactory results for your successful business requirements and demands. And, we are ready to serve you with the on-time delivery, at the most competitive price, with the best quality control, excellently fashionable design senses, exact and speedy following-ups, satisfactory back-ups, and limitless quantity boundaries. We would like cordially discuss our products with you for your remarkably profitable and satisfactory business results and would really want to make you happy with our service. So, please contact us for further discussion and if you would any question, please don't hesitate at all, and e-mail us to above mentioned e-mail address.
Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M919114watches and its parts
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
Contact Information
Langs B/D, #777-4 Machang-dong
Sungdong-gu, Seoul
Korea 133-050
  • Tel : 82-2-2299-7211
  • Fax : 82-2-2293-2962
  • Homepage :
    Contact :
    Y. W. Son
    Internet Marketing & Trade Director
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